The Ultimate Wine Themed Brunch

What started out as a good excuse to visit our chef friend turned into an outstanding recipe for a wine-inspired brunch–complete with a breakfast-friendly wine cocktail.

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Why We’re Not Drinking Beer on St. Patrick’s Day

The only reason why booze has become so intertwined with this holiday is because March 17th happens to fall right in the middle of Lent. It’s like a built-in Catholic “cheat” day! So, as far as we’re concerned, wine is still on the menu.

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Food and Wine Pairings With Holiday Favorites

Let’s just assume your holiday is anything but normal. Honestly, whose is? That said, if this winter’s adventure involves cooking some holiday classics, I’d like to offer 10 unique wine pairings that will make everything a bit more joyous.

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7 Great Thanksgiving Wines To Choose

This year offers a particularly great selections of wines for Thanksgiving due to some exceptional recent vintages. Here are 7 wine varieties that will make Thanksgiving even more special.

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