5 Merlot Wine Facts

Its been over 15 years since Sideways came out. Is that long enough? Here are 5 Merlot wine facts that will get you into the good stuff.

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How Wines Age

What do old wines taste like? And… the question we’re all wondering: are old wines better than young wines? Learn how wines age by observing a single wine that’s been produced the same way for nearly 30…

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Cabernet vs. Merlot

What’s better? Cabernet vs Merlot – Learn the major differences between these two types of wine including their pros and cons. The secrets to wine revealed…

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Learn About Horse Heaven Hills

The first wine course is coming out soon! This month’s course is about Horse Heaven Hills, a remote region in Washington State that is making waves with their bold red wines. For this course we hand-selected some of the…

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