The Wines of Rueda, Spain

No one goes to Rueda. It’s a place where few outsiders will venture even if the region produces some of the most amazing wines along with a plethora of exotic agricultural products

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Taster’s Guide to Verdejo Wine

Verdejo (“Vurr-day-ho”) is an uncommon light-bodied white wine that grows almost exclusively in Spain. The wine is an outstanding alternative to wines like Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio with surprising changes in its flavors as it ages. Find out more about Verdejo, where it grows, what it tastes like, and food pairings.

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Spanish Wine Exploration Map

Wondering where look for great Spanish wine? As you can imagine, getting into the wines of Spain can be a wee bit intimidating. Instead of giving up, start with this fun list of 16 wines that represent the best of what Spain has to offer.

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In Search of the Best Wines from Priorat

Find out what makes Priorat’s wines so unique, and what to look for when seeking out a great bottle. This famous red wine region is located just outside of Barcelona in Northeast Spain.

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The Seven Valleys of the Rioja Wine Region

An advanced article on the different terroirs of Rioja based on the valleys of the ebro river. Understand Rioja’s wines through their location within the 3 sub-regions of Rioja Alta, Rioja…

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