The New Sekt Wine Is Here!

What’s Sekt? It’s the term used for sparkling wines in Germany and Austria. And, it just might have the potential to roust France’s stronghold on bubbly.

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Lambrusco Wines Worth Drinking

Today, the best Lambruscos are dry (secco) and barely sweet (semisecco) and almost always made in a semi-sparkling, frizzante, style. There are about 10 different varieties, but if you’re just getting into Lambrusco, here are the 4 high quality varieties to know

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Col Fondo: The Funky Side of Prosecco

The original Prosecco wasn’t the sweet, fruity bubbly we know today. Find out more about “col fondo” or “rifermentato in bottiglia,” a funky, cloudy Prosecco unlike any other.

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All About Crémant Wine

Crémant is a group of sparkling wines made with the same technique as Champagne but from outside the Champagne region. This article details the 9 different Crémant wines of France and Luxembourg.

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The Prosecco Wine Guide

Learn more about this fascinating sparkler including how to choose Prosecco, the different styles, the main winemaking region, Valdobbiadene, and what foods to pair with it.

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Champagne Flutes or Glasses?

The taste of Champagne is greatly affected by the shape of the glass! So, in order to have the best tasting sparkling wine, here’s a little insight on how to choose the right glasses for your Champagne preference.

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How Sparkling Wine is Made

Learn the primary methods used for sparkling wine production including the traditional Champagne method and the tank method (used for Prosecco).

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