WSET & Wine Folly Tuition Giveaway

Looking to take your wine education the next level? Enter for a chance to win free tuition for the WSET Level 2 Award in Wine & Spirits! Winner announced February 20th.

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About That Study on Pregnancy and Red Wine

If you enjoy a glass of wine before sex, it might do more than get you in the mood. Drinking more than 5 glasses of red wine per month has been associated with increased ovary productivity.

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8 Wine Trends to Watch for in 2017

How are our behaviors as wine drinkers shaping the future of wine? To answer this question, we asked two individuals whose data-driven insights suggest that 2017 is going to introduce some exciting new trends to the world of wine.

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2016: A Year in Wine in Review

365 days ago, 2016 was a glint in our eyes and now it’s already over. Lets take a look at what happened in the world through the lens of our favorite beverage: wine.

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The Bottom Line on Wine Fraud

On December 12, somebody broke into Gianfranco Soldera’s winery and started pulling taps on barrels and tanks. When the crime scene was discovered the next day, it was a ghastly picture

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