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Champagne Will Never Explode With This Trick

Never fear a bottle of sparkling wine again with this awesome tip! A one-minute video shows how anyone can keep Champagne from exploding while you’re opening it.

Madeline Puckette shows Helen at KATU TV and AM Northwest in Portland, Oregon a wine-opening secret.

Step by Step

Here’s a convenient summary of everything you should do.

  1. Keep your sparkling wine extra cold (but don’t freeze it!) The colder the wine is, the less pressure it will have.
  2. Remove the foil and untwist the tab with 6 rotations. Leave the cage and cork together.
  3. While holding the cage and cork firmly with one hand, rotate the base of the bottle.
  4. Apply resistance as the cage and cork push out so the wine opens with a slow “pffffft!”
  5. Hold bottle at a 45° angle so that bottle pressure doesn’t bubble out.
  6. Done!
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Special thanks to Helen and Lindsey at KATU TV and AM Northwest

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