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How to Open Champagne Safely (Pics & Video)

Get confident opening Champagne –so confident that you can even shake it beforehand! Check out these secrets on how to open Champagne safely – every time. No spills. No unplanned explosions.

The one and only way to open a bottle of Champagne…or Crémant!
2 Secrets to Opening Champagne:
  1. Loosen the cage (metal part over the cork, also known as a muselet) but don’t remove it.
  2. Continue holding the bottle at a 45° angle for 2 seconds after the cork comes out.

How to Open Champagne in 3 Steps


Loosen cage by rotating the tab 6 half turns. Loosen it enough to fit over the lip of the bottle but don’t take it off yet. Be sure to keep your hand holding both the cork and cage in place now that it’s no longer secure.


Hold bottle at a 45° angle and start to rotate the base of champagne bottle while holding the cork and cage firmly. You’ll find this much easier and safer than trying to rotate the cork/cage.


Apply increasing pressure to hold the cork/cage as you feel the cork start to push out with the bottle pressure. Not to worry, if you do this process slowly, the cork will pop out with just a little “fssssszzz”

TIP: Keep the bottle at a 45° angle for a second or two so that the pressure escapes without wine shooting all over the place.

This Secret Works For All Sparkling Wines

In case you were wondering, we used a bottle of French Cremant from Alsace, which isn’t technically Champagne. It’s more affordable but still made in the same way as true Champagne.

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