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How to Pour Wine Without Dripping

Learn how to pour wine with a few wine serving tips that will give you confidence. Who knows, maybe next you’ll be pouring wine perfectly out of a jeroboam sized bottle.

How to Pour a Glass of Wine Without Dripping

Madeline demonstrates the method so you can see how it’s done. All with the flick of your wrist.

Tips to Pouring Wine

Be Prepared

Have a napkin handy to wipe the spout, especially if you are serving many people. Sommeliers like to hold the bottle with the label facing outward (as demonstrated). This technique isn’t necessary, it just makes it easier for others to see what is being poured.

Standard Wine Pour

A standard pour of wine is about 5-6 ounces (~150-180ml). If you want to have a nearly perfect serving every time, measure out 5-6 ounces (6 ounces is 3/4 cup) of water into a wine glass as a guide and then fill to the same line with wine. Eventually, you’ll be familiar enough to pour the same portion accurately.

No Drips Trick

Rotate the bottom side of the bottle away from you as you deliberately stop pouring. This trick does require some practice for perfection but it should throw any last tiny drips off route to the back of the bottle. You can also use a napkin or paper towel to catch drips.

Practice Practice

Think of it this way: the more you practice, the more wine you get to drink.

Perfectionism does have its rewards.

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