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A Day in Oregon Wine Country (Video)

Watch a video that captures an outdoor Pinot Noir tasting dinner in Oregon wine country. See what visiting Oregon wine country is really like.

What Oregon wine country is actually like

Anyone who lives on the West coast knows the I-5 Freeway. Most of us just call it “The Five” and use it as a solemn-and-straight shot between major cities. However, if you veer off somewhere in Oregon you’ll realize there’s a lot more to the countryside than meets the freeway.

After cruising down “The Five,” you can…

Hop farm on Wheatland Rd., in Oregon

Drive through a curving road that swoops through hazelnut orchards and hop farms. Oregonians love IPA.

Cross the Willamette river on an electric ferry.

looking out at Cristom Vineyards

End up in the middle of Pinot Noir country.

The Music in “A Day in Wine Country”

Find the song we included in this video.
THE ARTIST: Modern Girls
THE SONG: “Guessing Room”
Available online: Modern Girls on Bandcamp

William Belickis, chef of Mistral Kitchen
Christine Gerrie, the “Cris” in Cristom

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