The Coolest Wine People to Follow on Twitter

Immerse yourself in wine by finding and following the people who are currently splashing around in the stuff (on a daily basis). We thought we’d share some of our favorite wine people to follow on Twitter:

The Coolest Wine People to Follow on Twitter

Boulder, CO
Becca, who received her Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences in 2011, examines recent research on wine. Her award-winning blog, where she presents the latest findings on viticulture and enology, is geeky but quite accessible and easy to read.

New York City
Levi Dalton is the host of the highly successful podcast, “I’ll Drink to That!” He is also a wine writer, with articles appearing in publications such as Wine & Spirits and Bon Appetit. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Levi does Twitter right.

San Francisco, CA
A graduate of Claremont McKenna College, Christopher works for Uproot Wines and is also a winemaker for his own label, called Senses Wines. Christopher keeps his followers up to date on the latest innovations in the beverage industry (i.e. freeze-dried beer shampoo!).

Hong Kong
Jeannie’s super impressive resume includes being the first Asian MW, a successful author, a professor and a wine consultant for Singapore Air. And that doesn’t even cover all of the cool things she does! This inspirational lady also has a fabulous social media presence.

Everywhere (Los Angeles, CA)
Jason Wise is one of the men behind (the amazing) documentary Somm. If you haven’t watched it, take a break and add it to your Netflix list–right now. You may come back after. Because of his awesome profession, Jason gets to travel to a lot of amazing places –including some lesser known wine regions– and he shares stunning photography.

London, UK
Lauren Rhys is a Master Sommelier in the United Kingdom. Her Twitter provides an insider look into the world of wine in the UK. The vast majority of her content, whether original or re- tweeted, focuses on sommelier life in the UK. Whether you are a wine consumer or a certified sommelier, you are sure to love the look into the London’s glamorous wine culture.

Everywhere (head office in Sonoma, CA)
WINERAM productions creates young, cool documentary content that definitely appeals to the new generation of wine lovers. It’s innovative and adventurous as you see them behind the scenes in New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

New York City
The dashing Mr. Walsh works at The Dutch and contributes to “Food Republic.” He also seems to always be exploring cool places to eat and drink in New York. If you dream of the big city (but maybe aren’t ready to move there), this is an insider peek into New York City life.

While you’re at it:

Seattle, WA
We post all our new content the moment it comes out and other really awesome things we find from other fellow wine enthusiasts. Twitter is also replete with witty one-liners and RT worthy wine quotes. For example “Drinking rosé wine in a pink shirt takes some serious balls.”

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