Why We’re Not Drinking Beer on St. Patrick’s Day

Don’t be misled, the Irish are awesome. The only problem with St. Patrick’s Day is the beer belly.

Fortunately, beer isn’t a prerequisite to join in on the fun. In fact, the holiday of Saint Patrick is less about drinking than it is homage to Irish Nationalism and a man who supposedly converted thousands of Pagan Irish to Christianity back in the 4th century AD. (The more you know…)

The only reason why booze has become so intertwined with this holiday is because March 17th happens to fall right in the middle of Lent. It’s like a built-in Catholic “cheat” day! Like I said, the Irish are awesome.

So, you can feel totally justified to drink wine on St. Patrick’s Day (as if you needed to be). Here are 4 wines to match the green-friendly theme:

Vinho Verde: It means “green wine,” and it hails from the Northwestern corner of Portugal. It tastes like adult limeade without the sweetness. Learn more about Vinho Verde.

Grüner Veltliner: It means “green veltliner” and comes from Austria where it’s packaged in beautiful green bottles. These wines have green herbal aromas, along with spicy mouth-watering acidity. Grab a bottle for to match with classic Shepherd’s Pie and green peas. Learn more about Grüner Veltliner.

Carménère: One of the most “green” red wines out there, it is packed with flavors of bell pepper and green peppercorn, along with black cherry and chocolate. It’s a red wine experience unlike any other. Learn more about Carménère.

Biodynamic Wine: Biodynamics is one of the most rigorous “green” farming practices out there – advocates believe biodynamics are even better than organics. Wines must be certified and the process is stranger than you can even imagine. Learn more about biodynamic wine.

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