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You Won’t Believe What This Website Just Won

Whether this is the 250th article you’ve read by Wine Folly or this is your 1st visit, I want to thank you. Through your support Wine Folly won the International Wine and Spirits Competition (ISWC) Wine Blogger of the Year for 2013 / 2014.


Wine Blogger of the Year

Thank you for being awesome, insightful, irritated, helpful, joyous, knowledgeable, and an all-around lovely group of people. Many of your comments and critiques have helped Wine Folly become a better website and a handful of you have become contributors yourself!


What Does Wine Folly’s Host Have to Say About it?
Look Ma! An award!

Special Thank You

We’ve done a lot of incredible and regretable things this year in the name of “drinking wine for science.” We’d like to make a few thank you’s to all the people who’ve helped us dive into the wine world and bring it back to you!

Justin films bottles of Rioja.

Wine Folly Contributors:

  • Hilarie K. Larson
  • Jelle de Roeck
  • Dr. Edward Miller
  • Aaron Epstein
  • Rina Bussell
  • Jameson Fink

People who’ve helped Wine Folly travel:

  • Wines of Portugal
  • Wines of South Africa
  • Ferrari Wines
  • Washington Wine Commission
  • Rioja Wines
  • Snooth

People who’ve worked with Wine Folly:

  • Wines of Bordeaux
  • Wines of France
  • Washington Wine Commission

I owe you a high five
Please redeem in person.


So What’s Next?

We’re going to continue to search the world high and low for the most incredible topics on wine. If you haven’t seen a lot of what we’ve done so far, you might enjoy some of our most popular articles.

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I want to be involved!

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