How to Open Champagne (The Ridiculous Way!)

Are you afraid that your bottle of champagne is going to explode in your face? Lets learn how to open champagne, confidently and safely.

Take a look to see how Madeline fared against an explosive bottle of sparkling wine. Don’t come crying to us if you repeat this at home and it goes horribly wrong.

My buddy over here is going to give it a good shake before we get started.

OMG. He is still shaking my Champagne (actually it’s sparkling wine), I’m so scared!

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Okay so, first step, let’s remove the foil.

It’s important to cover this thing with a napkin, per what they teach you at sommelier school.

Ooooh! I think I can feel the cork coming out!

Holy sh*t! That did NOT go as planned.

Um. There’s a reason it’s called “Wine Folly.”

If you want to learn how to open Champagne PROPERLY, watch this.

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I highly recommend a sparkling wine stopper. They grasp the neck of the bottle keep the bottle under pressure. With a sparkling wine stopper expect your wine to last 2 days. They’ll even work on larger beer bottles.

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About Madeline Puckette

James Beard Award-winning author and Wine Communicator of the Year. I co-founded Wine Folly to help people learn about wine. @WineFolly