What is Wine? Video Series (Ep. 1)

Explore the fundamentals of wine in the first segment of the Learn Wine Video Series. What’s more, you’ll be surprised to discover a few details that most wine lovers don’t know!

How can something so simple be so complicated?

What is Wine?

If you simmer down all the many excruciating details of wine, it’s actually quite simple.

“Wine is an alcoholic beverage made with fermented grapes.”

Of course, if you want to nit-pick the details, any fermented fruit can be made into wine (although legally speaking, if it just says “wine” it’s made with grapes!). What makes grapes special are their unique traits (such as tannin, acidity, and sweetness level) that make them particularly well-suited for making wine.

Video Contents

  • The difference between wine grapes and table grapes.
  • The surprising truth about the majority of wines. (Hint: they’re mostly the same species!)
  • The origin of most of wine grapes. (Hint: It’s not France or Italy!)
  • What a vintage is.
  • What causes fermentation.
  • The primary types of wine.
  • Unique labels to watch out for, including organic, kosher, and biodynamic.

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