• Grape
  • urb-bah-lou-chay

A rarely encountered Piedmontese varietal; vinified usually as a light-bodied, high acid white wine, also sometimes made into sweet wines using the passito method.

Primary Flavors

  • Starfruit

  • Gooseberry

  • White Pepper

  • Honeydew Melon

  • Almond

Taste Profile

  • Bone-Dry
  • Light Body
  • Low/None Tannin
  • High Acidity
  • 11.5–13.5% ABV


  • Serving Temp Cold
    45–55°F / 7–13°C
  • Glass TypeWhite
  • Decant No
  • Ageability5-10 years
  • Avg Price $15.00

Food Pairing

When vinified as a white table wine, think lighter, fresher dishes, these pair well with the crispness and body. Salads, antipasti or light seafood will fit here.

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