Gifts for Wine Lovers

High Quality Gifts for Wine Lovers: The focus for this year’s gift guide is on high quality, pragmatic wine gifts that are certain to be loved, well used, and last for years to come. For those just getting started, you’ll find a great introductory section with awesome essential tools. And, for those wine lovers who are particularly difficult to shop for, you’ll find several sommelier favorites and the finest wine accoutrements available.

Heads Up: This guide is independently curated. You’ll notice several products link to outside websites including among others. Prices and availability of these items will vary.

Getting Started Beginner Gifts

Wine Folly Book

Book | Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine $25

Give your friends and family confidence exploring new wines with a book that outlines the basics (and then some) in a visual way. A New York Times best-seller. Printed in USA.

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luigi bromioli 23.75 oz Cabernet/Merlot Glasses

Set of Luigi Bromioli wine glasses (6) $40

It’s not easy to find a decent set of wine glasses that are this affordable. What makes these wine glasses awesome is their 23.75 ounce size–perfect for tasting and swirling red wine. Made in Italy.

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Somm Into The Bottle Sequel

Documentary | Somm: Into The Bottle $13

Since its premiere in November 2015, critics have gushed about how this documentary will make you very thirsty. It’s truly inspiring and great for those wanting to fuel their passion to explore new wine. See the preview

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Wine Fundamentals Poster Set

Wall Art | Set of 4 wine fundamentals prints $96

Equip your wine lifestyle with this set of 4 modern prints that continually offer insight into the world of wine. These lithograph prints are made in Seattle, WA with light-fast soy inks. Made in USA.

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Waiters Friend Wine Gift Guide

Wood handle waiter’s friend $12

This wooden handle model corkscrew is based on the Pulltap’s design which has become an industry standard for waiter’s friends corkscrews. A quality product that’s a pleasure to use.
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Vacu Vin Wine Saver

Vacuvin wine preserver $14

One of the most convenient ways to store open wine. Easy to use. Just pump out the air until you hear a click.
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Basic Champagne Stopper Wine Gift Guide

Champagne stopper $6

For the wine lover who drinks sparkling wine on a regular basis, this little tool will keep the bubbles bubbling.
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Vinturi Wine Aerator

Wine aerator by Vinturi $19

For those who don’t have any time to wait for a decanter to do its magic, a wine aerator does the same duty instantly in one gurgle! Pass the wine through it again for double-action aeration.
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Vacu Vin Wine Saver

Neoprene wine sack by Built NY $20

You wouldn’t drink a warm coke, so why drink wine at room temperature? Neoprene will keep the heat out while you traverse the city to your dinner date.
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Wall-mount 9 bottle rack

9 bottle wall-mount wine rack $24

This is the perfect gift for someone who aspires to be a serious wine enthusiast. The goal is to fill the rack without drinking it! Remember to install in a windowless room or an area without direct light.
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Wine2Go Plastic Wine Carrier Bag

Reusable plastic wine bag by Wine2Go $12

Because wine should be enjoyed on the beach, on a camping trip, and anywhere you want to explore. This little bag will neatly contain a full 750 ml bottle of wine.
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Portable plastic wine glasses

Portable plasticware by Govino (4) $15

You can finally drink in style after hiking to the top of the mountain. Despite being plastic, these glasses are a surprising joy to use.
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Wine Stain Remover

Wine stain remover by Chateau Spill $10

After testing this remover on a week-old wine stain, we were surprised (and delighted) with the results. Sadly, it doesn’t work on orange juice stains so be careful with your mimosas.
Available from Chateau Spill

4.5 x 6 inch Solid Marble Canister

Solid marble wine chiller $27

This classic piece of home barware is made from a solid piece of marble. Store it in your fridge to keep red and white wines at the perfect serving temperature.
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Box for a Bottle Single Wine Box

Single wine bottle display box $59

The ancient craft of creating wooden wine boxes has been reborn by Artificer Wood Works in High Ridge, Missouri who make all their boxes by hand. Made in USA.
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28 bottle thermoelectric wine cooler

Thermoelectric cooler by NewAir $200

If you’re serious enough to start collecting wine, take it from us, you’ll need something that holds more than 18 bottles. Nearly all wine fridges under $1000 use thermoelectric chilling which is actually pretty variable (although quiet!). So, this is a great starter fridge, but maybe not for the long haul. Be sure to place this chiller in a naturally cool location –or– plan to drink through your collection each year.
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Tools for Enthusiasts

Personalized Laguiole waiter's friend corkscrew

Personalized Chateau Laguiole corkscrew Starting at $159

There’s nothing more beautiful than a hand crafted waiter’s friend except for one with your initials engraved on it. Of course, it’s far too self-congratulatory to buy one for yourself. They’re much more meaningful when received as a gift.

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Somm Into The Bottle Sequel

Wall Art | Set of 3 wine reference prints $85

For food and wine aficionados, Wine Folly is offering a reference set of 3 prints: Advanced Food & Wine Pairing, Wine Descriptions and Basic Wine Guide. This trio will help make great matches in the kitchen as well as improve your wine vocabulary.

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Riedel Essential Red Wine Decanter

Riedel 34.5 ounce red wine decanter $34

Great wine tools make enjoying wine easier and better. There are many lovely decanters out there, but nothing so pragmatic and price-conscious as Riedel’s Merlot decanter. It works for nearly every wine you throw into it and it’s also very easy to maintain.

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Coravin Model 2

Wine preservation by Coravin $350

The Model 2 by Coravin is the next generation in argon-gas preservation systems. While it only works on natural corks, it provides the opportunity to taste wines without opening them. You could, for example, taste a wine and decide to store it for 6 more months. Be sure to purchase extra argon capsules ($10 each).

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Riedel glass polishing cloth

Microfiber glass polishing cloth by Riedel $12

When you wash a wine glass, the best moment to polish it is a couple of minutes after setting the glass on a drying mat. This way the glass will never collect water spots and will never degrade in a dishwasher (crystal will, even if it’s dishwasher safe). This large microfiber cloth has the same quality as eyeglass cloths and will baby your glassware.
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Stainless Steel Wine Funnel

Stainless Steel Wine Funnel $9

Designed to sit perfectly in most decanters and meant to be used on older wines or unfiltered wines with sediment. This is the essential tool for all drinkers who love to enjoy a good bottle of wine.
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Decanter cleaning brush

Decanter cleaning brush $7

Anyone who uses a decanter will be delighted when receiving a tool as useful as this. There really is a satisfaction to scrubbing away years of red wine sediment from good crystal.
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Glass and Co USA Austrian Crystal vinophil lead-free red wine glass

Set of 6 Austrian 21 ounce crystal red wine glasses $80–$112

Glass & Co. USA manages to deliver a good set of Austrian, lead-free, dishwasher safe, crystal ware for a remarkable price. This particular style is from the Vinophil line. You can a look at their website for the complete selection of glasses.
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Set of 6 Austrian 12.85 ounce crystal white wine glasses

Set of 6 Austrian 12.85 ounce crystal white wine glasses $70–$112

Glass & Co. USA manages to deliver a good set of Austrian, lead-free, dishwasher safe, crystal ware for a remarkable price. This particular style is from the Vinophil line. You can a look at their website for the complete selection of glasses.
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Concrete Wine Chiller

Concrete Wine Chiller $75

This stackable, freezable, light-weight concrete wine chiller is designed and handmade in Chicago by the innovative concrete company IntoConcrete. Made in USA.
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Reusable wine bottle protector by Vinni Bag

Reusable wine bottle protector by Vinni Bag $28

If you love wine, chances are you plan your trips around traveling to the many wine countries of the world. These bags are technology adopted from scuba gear and will completely contain a spill. The plastic is very rugged. Made in USA.
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Le Creuset Champagne Stopper

Le Creuset Champagne Sealer $38

One of the most asked for items by Champagne buyers and enthusiasts. This is one of those items that most wine enthusiasts won’t get for themselves but will seriously appreciate having.
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Whisperkool Slimline Cellar for home cellars

Wine cellar unit for small spaces by Whisperkool $1540

When you start to research wine storage solutions, you will realize that most self-contained units won’t work for long term storage unless you plan to spend a couple of grand. Enter Whisperkool, one of just a couple of brands that produce high-quality cooling and humidifying units specially designed for wine storage. The Whisperkool Slimline 2500 is designed to convert the space under your stairs or a spare closet into a real working cellar! This particular unit is the quietest one they make and is designed to work best inside the home. Made in USA.
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Expert & Specialty Items Wine Overlords

Code 38 Wine Opener

Wine Opener by Code 38 Starting at $395

The tool that sommeliers lust after in their career jobs at top restaurants. It makes sense too, if you’re opening one-thousand-dollar bottles of wine on a nightly basis, you might want to have a wine opener that matches.

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Vinotheque Venetian 440 with Whisperkool 2500

440 bottle cellar by Vinotheque Around $5000

If you can’t build a cellar and you’re at the pro-level then you’ve definitely pondered buying a free-standing cellar. Vinotheque is a cabinet maker that produces storage systems that come with a cooling unit pre-installed (such as the Whisperkool Slimline, shown above). There aren’t too many options at the pro-level when it comes to storage (the list includes N’finity, Vinotheque and Eurocave) and Vinotheque has a great reputation.

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Premium Custom wood cut wine boxes

Set of 10 Custom Wine Boxes Starting at $570

There is nothing more satisfying than receiving an emblem imprinted with something that represents you. Box for a Bottle can woodcut their standard or premium boxes (premium is shown above) with your logo or custom design. Boxes are handmade in the USA.

Available on Box for a Bottle

Durand corkscrew for old and rare wine

Old and rare wine opener by Durand $125

A simple design that combines the delicacy of a Monopole opener with the grip of a corkscrew worm. This particular design is hailed by old and rare wine lovers and is easy on even the most crumbly corks (yes that means you, vintage Port!).

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Zalto Decanter

Decanter by Zalto $100

Zalto is the brand that has become the darling of experts. The unique glass blend makes the wafer thin glass shockingly resilient, to the point where you can bend the glass in your hands. The Austrian crystal brand has just launched a line of carafes and decanters. The above pictured is the Axium Decanter meant for medium-to-full bodied red wines and we’ve found that their Carafe No. 150 works quite well for orange wine and fine aged Champagne. Handmade in Austria.
Available on Wine Enthusiast

Zalto Universal Wine Glass

Universal wine glass by Zalto $60

Zalto is the brand that has become the darling of experts. The unique glass blend makes the wafer thin glass shockingly resilient, to the pint where you can bend the glass in your hands. The Universal glass by Zalto seems to work perfectly with everything from vintage Champagne to Northern Rhone Syrah. Handmade in Austria.
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Temperature and Humidity monitor

Temperature/Humidity monitor $43

A temperature and humidity monitor (aka Hygro-Thermometer) with minimum and maximum indicators is an essential tool to have inside a cellar or wine fridge.
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Guildsomm Membership

Guildsomm Membership $100

The Guild of Sommeliers is a closed online community of wine professionals and pro-level enthusiasts. The site is a great place to connect with like-minded individuals in your area for tasting, to communicate with and ask questions, and to find information about wine laws and regulations around the world. It’s one of those must-haves for anyone building their profile in the industry. The membership is an annual fee.
Available on Guildsomm

Wine Grapes Book

Wine Grapes $130 ($38 on Kindle)

The book weighs in over 7 lbs and it’s worth every pound. Filled with detailed profiles of most of the known grape varieties of the world along with parentage charts, illustrations and historical data. It is THE wine geek’s dictionary, or for some, bucket list.
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Napa Valley: Then and Now

Napa Valley: Then and Now $95

For the seriously obsessed Napa buff who wants the inside scoop of the region on a silver platter. There’s no flowery language, just the truth backed up by historical details and tasting notes that paint a picture of what was good, when, and why. The book came out in November, 2015 independently by the author, Kelli A. White.
Available on the Author’s Website

Related Lifestyle Products Fun with Wine

Code 38 Wine Opener

Smoked Chardonnay vine Chardonnay grape seed oil $25

This is the coolest thing! The oil producer in Washington State makes single varietal grape seed oils. In the case of this particular oil, it’s made with Chardonnay grape seeds and the oil is then smoked with Chardonnay vines! It’s smoky buttery smooth. Made in USA.

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Reclaimed oak barrel bar stool

Reclaimed oak barrel bar stool $575

Reclaimed oak barrels have the most beautiful natural red stain. We’ve been following this furniture maker in Grass Valley, California who has consistently produced beautiful custom pieces from bar stools to mid-century modern-styled lighting.

Available on Etsy

Napa Soap Company Lotion

Vitis vinifera body lotion Starting at $19

Many of the major health benefits in grapes are found in the seeds and wine polyphenols and are particularly good for keeping your skin looking young. These ingredients are exactly what Napa Soap Company uses to create their line of soaps and lotions (both man– and woman-centric options). Made in USA.

Available on Napa Soap Company

Soy candles in recycled wine bottles $28

These candles are spiced and themed after wine varietals including Cabernet, Riesling and Champagne. Each candle lasts for up to 80 hours (we were impressed) and burns lovely, clean, not-overpowering aromas. It’s the perfect candle that you’d never buy yourself and wish you did. Handmade and poured in South Carolina, USA.

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18th century reproduction corkscrew

18th century reproduction corkcrew by Farfalli $200

Farfalli is an independent corkscrew manufacturer located in the wine region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The city where it’s located, in Maniago, Italy, is known for manufacturing cutlery. This particular magical device of Farfalli is a faithful reproduction of an 18th century rack and pinion style wine opener.
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Acacia wood cheeseboard

Cheeseboard by Nambé $100

Wine and cheese travel well together. This piece is in acacia wood and has nested cutlery. A bottle of wine would make it look even better.
Available on Amazon

Caudalie face cream

Vinoperfect face cream by Caudalie $53

The polyphenols found in wine and grape seeds are the champion ingredient in Caudalie’s vinoperfect line of face creams. Wine really does make you feel younger.
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Wine Map of Champagne

Wine Map of Champagne

Learn the regions and crus of the Champagne region in France.

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