Gifts For Wine Lovers

Wine Folly’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Find the best gifts for the wine lovers! From sommelier-approved glassware to specialized wine tasting kits, there’s an incredible array of unique gifts that go beyond the bottle.

For 2020, Wine Folly’s gift list offers both tech-minded tools and things that inspire great wine experiences.

30 Incredible Gifts for Wine Lovers

Wine Folly Magnum Book - James Beard Winner

The Ultimate Guide to Wine

Wine Folly: Magnum Edition is a James Beard Award-winning guide! Get the confidence you need to dive deeper into wine and find what you like. Explore wines, regions, and practical knowledge to get you tasting and talking like a pro.

$35 | Wine Folly

Neoprene wine carrier by Built NY - gifts for wine lovers

The “Coolest” Single-Bottle Carrier

You wouldn’t drink a warm coke, so why drink wine at room temperature? Neoprene moderates the temperature while you traverse the city to your dinner date. Plus, the origami design is delightful.

$17 | Amazon

A wine-dedicated tv channel Somm TV

A Year of Wine Content: SommTV

Creators of the hit wine documentary series (Somm) are at it again, this time with a media channel dedicated to all things wine and food. For the connoisseur this means a consistent stream of new stories and discoveries in the wine world. So far, we’re completely smitten.

$74.99 | SommTV

wine tasting journal for wine lovers

Wine Tasting Journal

Record notes like the pros with this structured tasting journal. The journal makes learning wine fun as you improve your palate by taking easy notes.

$25 | Wine Folly

classic zig zag wine opener - gifts for wine lovers

Original Zig Zag Corkscrew (Circa 1919)

The original patent for the Zig Zag is from 1919 by Jules Bart. This difficult-to-find corkscrew has acquired a “cult following.”

It uses an ingenious series of levers that work to reduce the force needed to pull a cork from a bottle. The parts are all still made in France using the original 1920s molds and presses.

$68 | Best Made

wine terms poster by Wine Folly

Wine Words Art Print

For those who love language and typography, this art print defines over 100 wine terms using type-setting rules borrowed from the Gutenberg bible from the 1450s. For those in the know, the bottle is modeled after a very special bottle of Burgundy known to pros as “DRC.”

$34 | Wine Folly

Chateau Spill - Red Wine Stain Remover - Wine Folly Approved

Wine Stain Remover (That Actually Works!)

After testing this remover against the competition, we were delighted with the results. We keep them in the office, behind the bar, and wherever wine goes down!

$8 | Amazon


The Dopest #$&[email protected] Wine Mag

Noble Rot is a London-based restaurant that no one expected to find glory. And yet, they did. Then they started ruthlessly printing ‘zine-style mags like something you’d buy at a CD store in the late 1990s. Thank #$&[email protected] gawd.

$47 | Noble Rot

The best wine glasses - crystal and lead-free by Gabriel-Glas - gifts for wine lovers

One Glass To Rule Them All

We tested more than a dozen excellent glasses in search of a product we could truly get behind. Not only did it need to be well-crafted, and expressive of flavors, but it also needed to stand up to rugged everyday use (even restaurants).

This lead-free crystal wine glass makes gifts for wine lovers that keep on giving!

2 for $59 | Wine Folly

The coravin wine preserver with argon gas - gifts for wine lovers

Pro-Grade Wine Preservation System

The Coravin has revolutionized how wine is stored, aged, and sold at auction.

When the Model Two Elite came out it was shipped to top wine writers with a bottle comparison of a wine that had been “accessed” via the Coravin tool to an unopened bottle. Whether or not the Coravin’d bottle was left for a year (as the marketing materials said) didn’t really matter. What mattered was the two wines tasted identical.

$300 | Amazon

Take a wine course over the holidays - gifts for wine lovers

Wine 101 Tasting Course (With Wine!)

Learn wine at home! This crash course offers a selection of 3 or 6 curated regional wines, tasting tips, maps, and a guided video experience: all designed to help you become confident with wine.

$179 for Course + 6-Bottle Pack | Wine Folly

Wine fridge organizers

Wine Organizers For Your Fridge

Every wine lover knows the casual frustration of chilled bottles of wine rolling around in the fridge. These handy-dandy bottle holders fit even large diameter Champagne bottles and will help you keep the fridge more organized.

6 for $19 | Amazon

Vinturi - the original wine aerator

A Wine Aerator That Improves Taste

For those who don’t have any time to wait for a decanter to do its magic, a wine aerator does the same duty instantly in one gurgle! The taste differences between before and after is astonishing (especially on cheap bottles)!

$20 | Amazon

Large Wine Maps of Italy and France - gifts for wine lovers

Large Wine Map Prints

Explore the world through the lens of wine. These wine maps of France and Italy are incredibly detailed and include appellations, elevations, rivers, lakes, and road overlays.

Italian Wine Map: Drink Italy from top to bottom while you explore all 20 wine of its incredible wine regions. Map is 18 x 24 inches.

$34 | Wine Folly

French Wine Map: A Francophiles friendly reminder on what wines to explore on this helpful and stunning 18×24 inch print.

$34 | Wine Folly

wine books that are new, older, and interesting - gifts for wine lovers

Book Worms: 4 Great Reads in Wine

Billionaire’s Vinegar: Follow one of the most riveting true tails in wine forgery while getting an inside peak into the idiosyncrasies of the fine wine trade.

$13 | Amazon

Wine Simple: Aldo Sohm may be the world’s top sommelier, but he’s also your kind-hearted guide into the world of wine.

$29 | Amazon

Cork Dork: A very real story following a cellar rat as she tries to break into the staunch wine industry of New York City.

$11 | Amazon

Wine & War: The Germans sacked Champagne for the spoils. This incredible story tells of what actually happened and what winemakers did to protect their land and wine.

$13 | Amazon

the best champagne stopper

Hands Down, The Best Champagne Stopper

The WAF is a patented design from Italy that’s single-lever design makes it so easy to store open bottles of bubbly. Great for anyone who drinks bubbles (from Prosecco to Champy) on the regular.

$12 | Wine Folly

Machine-made riedel crystal decanter for pros - gifts for wine lovers

The Most Affordable Pro Crystal Decanter You Can Buy

Used by restaurants around the world, this is the most practical-yet-professional decanter that money can buy.

$28 | Amazon

a champagne saber sword

A Sword For Champagne

To be fair, this is not for someone who is already afraid of opening Champagne! The trick to sabering safely involves super-chilling your bottle so that it doesn’t explode. (And please, don’t point it at anyone.)

For those in the know, Dozorme is a French manufacturer of Champagne sabers. Yes, that’s right. It’s a sword you can actually use.

$99 | France Corner

Collectors edition wine accessory gift box

A Gift Box Full of Wine Knowledge

This limited production box set is the Collector’s Edition of the James Beard award-winning Wine Folly: Magnum Edition book, and includes a tasting journal, etched crystal glass, magnum wine opener, and polishing cloth.

$149 | Wine Folly

yeti coolers work great for wine

The Ultimate Wine Country Travel Cooler

We used this exact model on a brutally hot drive through Napa Valley. The bottles stayed cool even when they were (accidentally) left in the trunk of the car overnight! Shame on us. Thankfully, the Yeti (paired with these remarkable ice packs) came to the rescue.

$299 | Amazon

Plastic Pool-safe acrylic wine glasses made in USA

No Glass Allowed On The Beach

Acrylic glasses are are a popular choice on the production side of wineries where breakage absolutely cannot happen. So, if wineries use them, so can you! These 20-ounce glasses are large enough to enjoy big reds and are made right here here in the USA out of BPA-free acrylic.

4 for $22 | Amazon

French Wine Opener made with upcycled wine barrels

A Wine Opener Made With French Wine Barrels

French company, Ligne W, came out with a series of two-step waiter’s friends which are incredibly delightful to use. The “Origine” features recycled French wine barrels (with actual wine stains!). Because they use old oak barrels, each piece is unique.

$45 | Laguiole-Imports

Artevino III by Eurocave made in France

Starting a Wine Collection?

Looking for next-level gifts for wine lovers? When it comes to wine coolers, save your money for something that can hold more than 100 bottles. Trust me on this. Also, you don’t need a dual-temperature system, that reduces capacity and increases risk of potential failures. Instead, shoot for a pragmatic (and quiet) system with a history of being reliable.

We’ve been using the Artevino III, a 200-bottle cellar, by Eurocave (purchased from Costco) and it holds up to its glowing reviews.

$2200 | Costco

Old wine bottles on winebid com

Everybody Loves Old Wine

Did you know you can buy sommelier-inspected old bottles of wine online?

This probably isn’t a good idea for non-wine enthusiasts to do without extensive research on which bottle to buy. But, for those of us who already know wine and are looking to make another wine lover happy, old wine always brings sparkles to the eyes!

$100+ | WineBid

mauviel finest copper champagne buckets

The Entertainer’s Dream Come True

Since 1830, the French manufacturer Mauviel, has made the highest quality cookware for professional and commercial markets. You may have seen their shimmering copper pots proudly hanging from elite chef’s kitchens.

Well, if you didn’t already know, they also make the sexiest Champagne buckets known to humankind.

$244 | France Corner

Wine Glass polishing cloth with wine glass compedium print

Keep Your Glassware Extra Shiny

One of the best gifts for wine lovers you can get is a tool they’ll use everyday. Wine glasses get a constant barrage of smudges and water spots. Polishing glassware is really tricky/annoying without the proper tool. This extra-large microfiber cloth makes drying glassware a keen delight. (And it works on eyeglasses and camera lenses too!)

$19 | Wine Folly

Wine bottle carrier - made in the USA

Support Your Local Cellar Rat

For those of you who know a cellar rat personally, then you know they suffer from a special kind of lunacy moving bottles to and fro.

Steele Canvas makes the toughest carriers out there, used in mail-carry and hotels. The “2 BU” size fits a large case of wine but is small enough to walk through a standard doorway. Proudly made in the USA

$83 | Steele Canvas

Wine bottle carrier - made in the USA

Ingenious Wine Opener With No Corkscrew!

The Monopole is the only “Ah-So” to own. Accept no substitutes. This ingenious cork-remover squeezes between the cork and the inner bottle neck, making it possible to remove the cork without puncturing it.

It’s one of those must-have wine tools, especially for opening old bottles.

$22 | Amazon

Madeline Puckette - Holiday Wine Gift Guide - Wine Folly co-founder

Gifts for Wine Lovers – Curated by Madeline Puckette!

This list of gifts was hand-curated (and tested!) by Madeline Puckette. Madeline is a James Beard award-winning wine writer and co-founder of Wine Folly. Find her on: