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Fail-Safe Gifts for Wine Lovers

Buying gifts for adults is hard

Buying gifts for other adults is challenging. Our tastes become more nuanced, complex and expensive. And when you’re a wine lover, these aforementioned traits become compounded: more nuanced, more complex and more expensive.

Let it be known, that it’s actually quite difficult to buy wine for wine lovers. It still takes me an hour of humming and hawing up and down the aisle to select a wine for a peer. Why? It’s very simple: we wine lovers are super picky. It’s a terrible habit, we know, but we can’t help ourselves.

So how do you buy something awesome for a finicky wino? Fortunately for you, there are many amazing wine gifts that even haughty sommeliers will appreciate getting. This guide focuses on the greatest, most functional, beautiful wine gifts of 2013. There’s also a short list of exceptional wines. The wines aren’t just top scoring blockbusters; they have deeper relevance through their storied histories. A lot of what makes wine great is the story and these wines have amazing things to say. You’ll want to pass the story along to your giftee.

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Fail-Safe Wine Related Gifts


$4 Smoked Chardonnay Salt

Smoked Chardonnay Salt
This is crack for foodies.
found on Aprés Vin

$10 Wine Thermometer

You might think this is weird, but it’s fodder for any drink enthusiast; from coffee to red wine. Open wine bottle, stick this in and put it in the fridge until it reads the proper temperature.
found on

$12 Billionaire’s Vinegar

A narrative and a true story about one of the biggest wine scams. It’s a great winter warmer-upper that every wine lover should read – especially if you curl up with a cup of glogg.
found on

$16 Ninja Sword Champagne Saber

At least 3 sommeliers told me with gusto that they have ‘Champagne Saber’ on their Christmas list this year. Instead of getting some overpriced kitchen utensil, we think you should go for this economical ninja sword. No matter what, it’s cool. Learn how to saber Champagne.
found on

$29 Monopol

German engineering made the first monopol and it’s still one of the greatest openers for vintage wine. This is the original that started the fad… so in a way it’s a vintage relic too.
found on

$33 Hipster Bicycle Wine Holder

For the hipster who plans to arrive prepared.
by oopsmark

$36 Glass Wine Pourer/Decanter

Somewhere in the Sierra Nevada foothills is a guy named Victor making one of the most interesting wine decanter/pourers. The only way to get them is to fill out an old school order form. A true relic.
found on

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