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A Rose by Any Other Name: Understanding Aromatics

Pictured: Module on Alsace in French Wine 201 Course

What Are Aromatic Wines?

Aromatic white wines are defined by dominant floral aromas caused by special aroma compounds in grape skins. Learn the science behind what makes these wines smell the way they do.

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Wine Quiz

Question: Which aroma compound is responsible for Gewürztraminer smelling like roses?

  1. Geraniol
  2. Linalool
  3. Vanillin
  4. Ethanol

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Pictured: Page 115 of The Master Guide

The Spicy One – Gewürztraminer

Get ready to spice up your wine life with Gewürztraminer! Styles that range from sweet to dry, this grape offers tantalizing ginger and rose aromas alongside bold and exotic flavors that are just waiting to be explored.

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The King of Aromatics

Dive into Gewürztraminer with Madeline and learn about its features and quirks. Follow along as she tastes three different dry styles to give you the knowledge to find great bottles.

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Pictured: Vineyards of Alto Adige from Italian Wine 201 Course

The Most Beautiful Wine Region?

Considered by some to be the home of Gewürztraminer, the wines of Alto Adige express Northern European logic paired with Southern European flair. This is where North meets South; in terms of climate, culture, and wine.

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Wine Quiz Answer

Answer – #1 – Geraniol is a terpene, a class of chemical compounds found in aromatic grape skins, that causes wines to have a subtle rose aroma. It can be found in other plants too. Linalool is also a terpene but smells like lavender. Vanillin smells like vanilla and comes from oak barrels. Ethanol is the chemical name for alcohol.

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