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Pinot’s Little Secret

Written by Christine Marsiglio MW


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Whole Cluster What?

Pinot Noir is one of the main grapes that undergoes Whole Cluster Fermentation to add structure and complexity. But what exactly is this semi-secret technique that winemakers use?

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Wine Quiz

Which aroma is often associated with Whole Cluster Fermentation in Pinot Noir?

  1. Tropical Fruit Flavors
  2. Vanilla Undertones
  3. Spicy Notes
  4. Baked Blackberry

Scroll down to find out!

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The Heartbreaker

Did you know Pinot Noir is affectionately known as the ‘heartbreak grape’ due to its notoriously difficult cultivation? Dive into the riveting saga of this high-maintenance, yet incredibly rewarding and complex, variety.

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Pinot’s Second Home

Do you love Pinot Noir? Who doesn’t? The homeland of Pinot Noir is Burgundy, but there’s another cool cat in town that is vying for the Pinot Noir Crown.

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Pictured: Map of Burgundy and Pinot Noir Villages from French Wine 201

Pinot’s Home Turf

Want more confidence in buying Pinot Noir from Burgundy? This guide includes maps, infographics, and the essential facts on Burgundy’s five major sub-regions.

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Wine Quiz Answer

Answer – #3: Spicy Notes

Whole cluster fermentation refers to the practice of fermenting entire bunches of grapes, including the stems. In Pinot Noir winemaking, this method can create a more complex wine with heightened tannin structure and distinct flavors.

Specifically, a wine produced with a significant proportion of whole clusters often showcases an intriguing “peppery spice” note, adding another layer to the traditional red fruit flavors associated with Pinot Noir.

Written byChristine Marsiglio MW

Christine Marsiglio is Head Wine Educator and Resident Master of Wine for Folly Enterprises and Wine Folly. Christine is a certified Wine & Spirits Education Trust wine educator, a winner of the Bollinger Medal, and holds an MSc in Oenology and Viticulture from École Supérieure d'Agriculture d'Angers, France.

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