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Tasting Like a Pro

Pictured: Module 3 of Wine 201.

Improve Your Tasting Game

Improve your ability to write wine tasting notes with a simple process.

Taking better notes improves your tasting abilities and you can use this new skill to buy, and drink, better wine.

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Wine Quiz

What are the four major steps when it comes to wine tasting?

  1. Look, Taste, Smell, Drink
  2. Look, Smell, Taste, Think
  3. Think, Drink, Drink, Drink
  4. Look, Smell, Taste, Drink

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Sémillon Grape Page from The Master Guide
Pictured: Sémillon Grape Page from The Master Guide

Shapeshifting Sémillon

Sémillon is a versatile grape that shapeshifts from crisp and acidic to sweet and honeyed. From Hunter Valley in Australia, to Sauternes in Bordeaux, discover just how diverse this grape is the world over.

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Taste Like a Pro

What are the most important things to do when hosting a wine tasting? Sommelier, Madeline Puckette walks through what Wine Folly does for the tasting group.

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Noble Rot in Sauternes graphic
Pictured: Learn about Noble Rot in Sauternes in
French Wine 201

Sauternes Stickies

Sauternes is made with Sémillon and Sauvignon Blanc grapes that have been infected with Botrytis cinerea (aka: noble rot). This sweet wine has been known as a must have for centuries. If you think you don’t like sweet wine, give Sauternes a whirl. It’ll probably blow your mind.

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Wine Quiz Answer

Answer – #2
It’s important to use most of your senses when it comes to wine tasting to ensure you’re understanding the wine as much as possible. Looking, smelling, tasting, and then recording your thoughts, opinions, and insights of the wine are the major steps that all wine pros go through when assessing wine. When you assess a lot of wines in one go, it’s important not to drink the wine, but spit in between tastings.

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