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Uncover the Facts of Wine and Health

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Wine, Health, and More

We’re exploring the facts of health and wine, and eyeballing the delicious Grenache Blanc.

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Wine & Health: Sorting the Facts From Fiction

After crushing dozens of scientific papers for more than a decade, we compiled a short list of what features in recent findings on wine and health.

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Wine Quiz

What is an example of a grape that prefers cool climates?

a) Cabernet Sauvignon

b) Grenache

c) Riesling

d) Malbec

Scroll down for the answer!

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Great White: Grenache Blanc

Looking for those weightier white wines? Grenache Blanc grows mostly across Southern France and northern Spain. It’s also taken root in the United States where producers oak it like Chardonnay.

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Wine Quiz Answer

Answer is C! It’s Riesling!

Riesling is a white grape variety primarily associated with cool climate viticulture. It is known for its aromatic and complex flavors and is often used to make dry, semi-sweet, and sweet white wines.

Tablas Creek Winery has sheep grazing around the vines
Pictured: The sheep keep it trim in Tablas Creek Vineyards, California

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Start Your Wine Adventure

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