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🍷The Dollars and Cents of Wine

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Winemaking Costs Unbottled

Uncover the captivating factors behind wine prices, from terroir treasures to winemaking wizardry. Cheers to enlightened sipping!

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Wine Quiz

Question: Which factor is NOT a key component of wine pricing?

  1. Grape quality
  2. Terroir and region
  3. Oak aging
  4. Wine label design

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Cabernet Franc – Everyone’s Dad

Cab Franc is a parent grape of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Carménère and gives them a hint of mint or green bell pepper. It can be lighter or bolder depending on where it’s grown, but it is always tasty.

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Pictured: Map of the Loire Valley from French Wine 201 Course

Loire Valley – Land of Castles

For amazing Cabernet Franc, check out the Loire Valley. The 600 mile (965 km) stretch of the Loire River and its tributaries make up one of France’s top wine regions. It’s also home to some of France’s finest Châteaux.

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Wine Quiz Answer

Answer – #4 Wine label design. While the design of the label is important, it doesn’t often contribute a large cost to the wine. The variation in grape prices, where the grapes are grown, how popular the wine is, and winemaking costs all play a significant role in the price of the final wine.

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