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How to Choose Wine (poster)

A fun interactive flow chart on How to Choose Wine. You’ll never have to think too hard again about which bottle of wine to pick.

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How to Choose Wine

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Picking a Wine

If there’s a time for wine then there’s also a place. The most common situations where you will choose wine include personal use or a bottle for someone else. The perfect wine for the moment you get off work is different from the one you’ll choose for your obligatory social gathering. There are, of course, a few moments when wine is just not appropriate.

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Do you know the different types of wine?

Use this chart to explore over 200 types of wine by style. Find new favorites by flavor profile and style.

  •       Red Wine (dark red)
  •       White Wine (golden)
  •       Rosé Wine (hot pink)
  • See Chart

  •       Sparkling Wine (titanium)
  •       Fortified Wine (purple)

Want to know more about how to choose wine? We wrote an article about picking wines for aging as anniversary gifts. Want to know about how different red wine varietals taste? Take a peek at this handy chart of common red wine fruit flavors

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