8 Signs That You Might Be a Wine Geek

Want to know if you’ve reached wine geekdom?
Being wine smart is awesome, but it has its drawbacks. Some of these drawbacks include strange incessant wine habits. If you’ve caught yourself doing any of the following, you might be a wine geek.

You Might be a Wine Geek if…


You worry about wine left in the car with the windows rolled up.

How do rising temperatures in your car affect precious wine cargo? Find out more about how temperature affects your wine in Wine Heat Damage.
You’re sad you weren’t born on a good vintage year.

Sadly, not all vintages are great. You’ll have to prove you’re worthy in other ways besides being born with it. Find out how vintage variation affects wine in What you Need to Know About Vintage Variation
You’re convinced Compulsive Swirling Syndrome is a real disease.

If you are inclined to swirl your wine, you might as well learn how to swirl like a pro.
You’ve tuned the humidity of your basement…

Planning on cellaring wine for some time? You might enjoy reading 10 Tips to Starting a Wine Collection. WARNING: it might not be as lucrative as you think.
You keep a stock of wine for ‘enthusiasts’ or ‘normals’

Plus a few more signs you might be a wine geek..

A proper wine tasting involves eating dirt in the vineyard.

You can recite 5 Bordeaux 1st Growths but not your phone number.

Champagne is exempt from the ‘No drinks before 5pm’ rule

Have one to add?
Add your best “You might be a wine geek if..” in the comments and we’ll illustrate it 🙂

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