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Arneis: Piedmont's Lost Wine Grape?

This rare white wine grape was nearly extinct by the early 1970s. Lets find out what about Arneis wine made it worth saving.

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Roero Arneis


2021 Roero Arneis

Roero | Italy

In 1967 Alfredo Currado, enologist and owner of the Vietti winery in the mid-20th century, was the first to re-introduce Arneis during a time when the grape was being abandoned due to its difficult nature or was often used for blending. It was also known as "Nebbiu Blanc" or white Nebbiolo up until this point in time. Today Alfredo Currado is fondly known as the "father of Arneis" and in the half century since then, Arneis has spread to around 2,400 acres of vineyards, mostly in Piedmont.

Medium-bodied on the palate, is has good intensity and crisp acidity. Well-balanced, elegant, with good complexity and a lingering aftertaste with a distinct hint of salinity.

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