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Is Godello Spain's Answer to Chablis?

Godello, a little-known white wine grape, grows almost exclusively in Northwest Spain. Some Godello wines are so amazing that you’ll want to know what regions to seek out.

The wine in this video is from Wine Folly Club!

Wines Mentioned

Fraga do Corvo

Fragas do Lecer

2021 Fraga do Corvo

Monterrei | Spain

Fragas do Lecer is located in Vilaza, Galicia, in Northwest Spain. It sits in the valley of Monterrei alongside the Támega River. The winery was founded in 2005 by the Boo-Rivero family, winegrowers with a history of over 30 years. They are especially committed to growing indigineous varietals.

On the palate it shows creamy texture, with well-balanced and pleasant acidity of fresh fruit, mineral, luscious with a well-rounded finish.

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