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Are You a Wine Snob or Wine Awesome? (Quiz)

Wine is a lot like art, literature and music, in that the more you know about it, the more you appreciate it. However, learning can be tricky because it’s hard to figure out how to get started. What’s worse is that the path of entry is guarded by snobs.

What type of wine lover are you?

Are you a Wine Beginner, Wine Lush or a Wine Snob? Take this quiz to find wine personality fits you the most.

Are You a Wine Snob or Wine Awesome?

Wine Snob Quiz


1. Wine is:

  1. A classy way to get blitzed
  2. Something I like to drink
  3. The ultimate expression of artisanal craft
  4. Something I enjoy learning about and tasting

2. You generally drink:

  1. Yes, I do
  2. Wines with the prettiest label that are marked down the most
  3. Wines above $25, otherwise they don’t cut it for me
  4. Various whites and rosés midweek and more intriguing reds on nights out

3. When you don’t have a proper wine glass available

  1. Who needs glassware? Pass me the bottle!
  2. What?! You need different glasses for different types of wine?
  3. There’s no point in drinking wine if I don’t have a proper glass!
  4. Any glass will do, no biggie

4. Free wine is:

  1. Dangerous… I’ll drink it all!
  2. A beautiful thing
  3. Not to be trusted
  4. Worth investigating

5. A friend offers you a glass of Charles Shaw Wine, you:

  1. Bottoms up!
  2. I’m not familiar with this brand, is it good?
  3. You’re kidding me right?
  4. The white is actually quaffable, especially on a hot day

6. What are your thoughts on Zinfandel:

  1. It’s the perfect “get your date drunk” wine
  2. That sweet pink stuff?
  3. It’s actually called ‘Tribidrag’, and I find it cloying
  4. I love it with BBQ and Chinese take out.

7. There’s half of a bottle left on the table after dinner, you:

  1. Manage to fit it all into your wine glass and drink it for dessert
  2. Put a cork in it and save it on the top of your fridge
  3. Close it with a wine preserver and put it in the fridge for tomorrow
  4. Remove the Coravin and put the bottle back in your cellar

8. What does ‘ABC’ mean to you?

  1. The alphabet. How does this relate to wine?
  2. ‘Always Buttery Chardonnay’ Drink up!
  3. ‘Anything but Chardonnay’ and it’s what I live by
  4. ‘Au Bon Climat’ in Santa Barbara. Good Pinot Noir

9. Your Facebook profile includes:

  1. Purple toothed bathroom selfies at wine tastings
  2. Pets, feet, friends and photos of wine glasses taken during the sunset
  3. Mostly bottle shots. It’s pretty impressive.
  4. Interesting articles about wine and other neat things I find

9. The perfect wine is:

  1. The one that’s in my glass
  2. Something that is smooth, lush and tastes like berries and vanilla.
  3. An exceptional lieu-dit Côte de Nuits “lieu-dit” with moderate concentration and 12+ years
  4. A bottle that changes the way I think about wine, ideally with a great story


  1. Mostly “a”: Wine Lush
  2. Mostly “b”: Wine Beginner
  3. Mostly “c”: Wine Snob
  4. Mostly “d”: Wine Awesome

The Wine Lush Comic

Wine Lush Mostly “a”

You are the classic wine lush. While you probably know quite a bit about wine, you’re more focused on the act of drinking it versus savoring it. Try to remember that not everyone has your penchant for drinking and slow down. Save your talent at being the life of the party for special times when it’s okay. People will never forget those moments, even if you don’t remember them.


Wine Beginner Mostly “b”

You may be a wine beginner but you’re clearly into it. This is an exciting time for you! If you’re interested in developing your wine skills, you will enjoy the Wine 101 section of this website. Salut!

The Wine Snob Comic

Wine Snob Mostly “c”

You just can’t help yourself. You know so much about wine and have zero patience for people who don’t operate on your level. While your knowledge is awesome, you’re inadvertently hurting the feelings of people around you. Is this what you really want to do? If not, try to put other people’s perspectives first and things will improve. If you’re being a wine snob on purpose, you might want to take a look at this.

The Pusher Comic

Wine Awesome Mostly “d”

We’d like to take a moment to tell you that you are awesome. You are clearly wine smart, but you don’t rub it into people’s faces. So considerate! In fact, you are probably the person that your friends look up to and get advice from about wine. Thanks for gracing this community with your presence and keep on doing what you do.

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