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Wine & Chocolate Pairing

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5 Kickass Wine & Chocolate Pairings

Chocolate is the confectionery match to wine. Did you know that one of the stages of making chocolate involves fermentation? Just like in wine, this step changes the flavors and makes them more complex. Let’s look at the best wine and chocolate pairings imaginable.

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Lambrusco Wines Worth Drinking

Today, the best Lambruscos are dry (secco) and barely sweet (semisecco) and are almost always made in a semi-sparkling, frizzante, style. There are about 10 different varieties (8 closely related varieties, to be exact). That said, there are 4 high-quality varieties you should know.

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Wine Quiz

Which of the following is true about Lambrusco?

  1. It is a family of grapes
  2. It is a sparkling red wine
  3. It is often found in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy
  4. All of the above

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Unexpected Wine & Chocolate Pairings

Learn which wines to pair with chocolate–it’s not what you think! Avoid the no-no’s and learn to make your own great matches.


Pictured: Large Wine Folly Italy Map

Italian Wine Map and Exploration Guide

Lambrusco grows in Emilia-Romagna which is one of 20 major regions in Italy. See all 20 and their major grapes.

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Wine Quiz Answer

Answer: #4 – All of the above

The family of grapes known as Lambrusco creates some lovely wines that range from dry to sweet and are normally made in a sparkling or Frizzante style. These wines are most often found in Emilia-Romagna, which is one of the 20 regions of Italy.

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