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Can You Drink Wine On a Diet?

Written by Team Wine Folly

Can You Drink Wine On a Diet? Yes.

You might have heard headlines like “One Glass of Wine Equals an Hour at the Gym!” but the evidence suggests that the amazing health benefits of wine come with some caveats.

Wait, I Can Drink Wine On a Diet?

Illustration of wine contents in the glass

Let’s say you’ve committed to a keto diet. Does it mean you have to give up drinking wine? It’s time to look at the facts about wine so you can be realistic about your choice.

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Wine Quiz

Suppose a wine has 5 g/L of residual sugar. How many carbs per 5 oz serving does it have?

  1. 5 carbs
  2. 3 carbs
  3. 1.5 carbs
  4. 0.75 carbs

Have You Tried Bobal?

Love Syrah and Malbec? Most folks don’t know Bobal, and it’s the 3rd most planted red grape in Spain. It’s dry with loads of blackberry fruit with subtle black tea and cocoa notes.

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Wine Quiz Answer

Answer is #4!

Most dry wines have less than 5 g/L RS, and many have zero, which means these wines have between 0–0.75 carbs per serving. So, wine in moderation is an option if you’re watching your carb intake. Take Wine 201 to learn all the fundamentals of wine.

12x16 Spain wine map by Wine Folly

Central Spain: A Wine Lover’s Paradise

Some of Spain’s top values sit in the highlands of Central Spain. Our grape of the week, Bobal, grows here and in the Utiel-Requena DOP (Denominación de origen) of Valencia.

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