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The Grittiest Bottle

Pictured: Tannin Extraction and Red Winemaking, Module 5 of Wine 201 course

Tannins are the Elixir of Life

Tannins, found in grape skins, help wines age but also help you age too. What do they taste like? Put a wet tea bag on your tongue and find out!

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Wine Quiz

Question: Which of the following is true about tannin?

  1. They come from the juice of grapes
  2. Tannins in wine become smoother over time thanks to polymerization
  3. Pinot Noir is one of the most tannic grape varieties
  4. Tannins are exclusively found in grapes and are not found in other plants

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Pictured: Page 174 of the Master Guide

Tannat sounds like Tannin for a reason

Tannat is the most planted variety in Uruguay. Recent studies have found that it contains the highest polyphenols (antioxidants) and tannins of all red wines. All those antioxidants help both you and the wine age gracefully.

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Pictured: Wine Folly YouTube Video on Tannins

Wine Tannins: Good, Bad, or Better?

How do you find wines with smooth tannins? Let’s break down this important trait found primarily in red wines so that you can find more wines that you love.

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Pictured: Tannat Specialist, Bodega Garzón in Uruguay

Uruguay – the Home of Tannat

Thanks to French immigrants bringing their hometown grapes to Uruguay in the late 1800s, Tannat vines were readily cultivated and have since become the country’s dominant grape variety, enthusiastically representing well over a third of the nation’s plantings.

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Wine Quiz Answer

Answer – #2: Tannins get smoother over time thanks to polymerization (the tannins join together and get smoother) and they originate from the skins and seeds of a grape. Tannins can also be found in many other plants. Although Pinot Noir does have tannins, it doesn’t have much.

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