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We Learned this 8,000 Years Ago

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Pictured: Module 5 of Wine 201 Course

How Red Wine is Made

Follow along to see how red wine is made, step-by-step, from grapes to glass. Surprisingly, not much has changed since we started making wine 8,000 years ago.

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Illustration of Champagne wine glasses with their names.

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12 Awesome Cabernet Sauvignon Facts

Did you know Cabernet has its own official holiday? The Thursday before Labor Day! Here are 12 facts about Cabernet Sauvignon that might surprise you.

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Wine Quiz

Try this quiz question on red winemaking from our Wine 201 course!

Red wine fermentations happen at which temperature?

  1. 60-70°F (16-21°C)
  2. 95-105°F (35-40°C)
  3. 68-86°F (20-30°C)
  4. 104-122°F (40-50°C)

Scroll down for the answer!



Illustration of wine glasses and sweetness level naming labels.

All About Dry Red Wine Video

Uncork the world of dry red wines–from bone dry to high tannin–and find out what these terms mean. Then, we’ll explore French, Italian & Spanish dry red wines that you deserve to know.

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Pictured: Margaret River Region Guide

Australia’s Best-Kept Secret

The most isolated wine region in the world, Margaret River makes some of Australia’s finest wines. In just over 50 years, Margaret River has skyrocketed into a world-class producer of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

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Wine Quiz Answer

Answer: #3: 68-86°F (20-30°C)

Red wine fermentation needs warmer temperatures than white wine (60-70°F / 16-21°C) to extract color, tannin, and flavor compounds from the skins.

Making red wine is just like making tea! The warmer the temperature, and the more you stir the tea bag around, the darker and more tannic your final tea will be. Same with red wine – the warmer it is, the more color and tannin you get.

On average, red wines ferment for 2–3 weeks between 68–86 ºF (20–30 ºC).

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