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Wine Folly makes learning feel like a friend of yours at your home walking you through wine.
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Owen R.
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I've learned so much and really developed a passion for wine with the help of Wine Folly's courses.
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Savannah Z.
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I have a lot to learn, but I appreciate the friendly and approachable good start, thank you!
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Maggie E.
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Meet Your Wine Guides

Christine Marsiglio

Christine MarsiglioDirector of Education

Get Schooled By A Real Deal Master of Wine

Meet Christine, a Bollinger award-winning Master of Wine—yeah, she’s one of only 35 in the world with that accolade!
Madeline Puckette

Madeline PucketteWine Folly Founder

Sip Smarter with Madeline Puckette

Meet Madeline, she's a top-tier wine expert with major awards and a James Beard win, plus NYT bestseller status.
Wine 101

Unlock the secrets of the wine world with our beginner Wine 101 course.

Wine Styles 101

Taste the right wines while grasping fundamental concepts in wine.

Napa Valley 101

Embark on a journey as we delve into the renowned wines of Napa Valley.

Argentina 101

Uncork a world of flavor and culture as we dive into the vibrant world of Argentine wines.

Walla Walla Valley 101

Experience the unparalleled taste of Walla Walla wines on an epic journey of discovery.

Margaret River 101

The Margaret River Wine Region in Australia is a wine lover's paradise.

Bordeaux 101

A deep-dive into the captivating world of one of the most prestigious wine regions.

Tuscany 101

Unlock the flavors, history, and secrets that put Tuscany on the wine map.

Paso Robles 101

Gain a deep understanding of Paso Robles’ regions and the noteworthy wines that thrive in its unique terroir.

Wine 201

Enhance your wine knowledge and take your skills to the next level with Wine Folly's most comprehensive course.

French Wine 201

Explore the 12 major wine regions of France through over 5 hours of captivating video content and 4 real-world challenges.

Italian Wine 201

With our expert guidance, you'll discover the rich history, culture, and flavors behind Italian wines.

In the competitive wine and hospitality industry, knowledge boosts profits. Arm your team with expert wine insights to enhance upselling and build customer loyalty.

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