Celebrate National Red Wine Day With Some of Our Favorites

Everyday seems like a great day to celebrate red wine. That being said, August 28th is “National Red Wine Day,” so we thought you might like to celebrate with some top favorites.

National Red Wine Day - Illustration by Wine Folly
As if we needed an excuse?

And I know what you’re thinking: shouldn’t red wine be celebrated closer to the cooler months? But wine fan and self-described “Queen of Holidays” Jace Shoemaker-Galloway chose August specifically, because there’s never a bad time to drink red!

And honestly: we can’t argue with that logic.

Merlot is the secret sauce in top right bank Bordeaux. Next time you taste it, have this guide handy.

POW! I've Got One of Italy's Greatest Wines On My Chest!

POW! I've Got One of Italy's Greatest Wines On My Chest!

Wear it proudly — Italian wine making knowledge is bustin' loose!

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Pinot might not be the most planted grape in the world, but it’s likely the most collected. Learn what regions specialize in Pinot Noir.

From Chianti to Montefalco Rosso, this indigenous grape truly expresses the place in which it’s grown. (And, it makes tremendous rosato!) Learn more about Italy’s star red wine.

Pick a Shiraz or Syrah, it’s still the same grape. Learn more about this rich wine.

Spain’s champion red wine has many profiles depending on how it’s made. Find out more about Tempranillo.

Is Zin and sin? We think not! This amazing grape can survive in hot, arid climates on sandy soils. Zinfandel is a winner!

The most planted red in the world is hard to deny it’s richness. Find out where to find the best Cabernet.

OMG You Missed My Favorite Red Wine!

Okay, you got us. We didn’t list them all. In fact, there are over 500 commercially viable red wine varieties. In truth, many of these wines are incredibly rare (even if they are affordable).

So, do us a favor, tell us what bottle of rare red you’re popping tonight! (leave a comment below!)

Wine Simplified

Wine Simplified

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