National Wine Days of the Year

We can be thankful that National Wine Day (on May 25th) is not the only official wine day of the year. There are at least 14 other days where wine is “official business.” So, the next time you need a reason (as if you do), try the calendar below.

National Wine Days of the Year

National Wine Day
Yes ma’am, agreed.

How did these days come to be?
Official wine days are actually pretty unofficial. They are usually a movement started by a variety of individuals or organizations with a passion for juice. Based on our research, National Wine Day started in 2009 and, since then, a variety of wine appreciation days have popped up in the calendar. So, now that you know how easy it is to make an official wine day, what should we add?

Official Wine Variety Days

  • national-mulled-wine-day
    March 3rd Mulled Wine Day
    The day we make a big heart-warming batch of glogg with mulling spices.
  • international-malbec-day
    April 17th Malbec Day

    An internationally celebrated event that most recently featured a large short film festival.

  • sauvignon-blanc-day
    May 3rd Sauvignon Blanc Day

    New Zealand’s champion grape variety is celebrated at the height of harvest down under.

  • moscato-day
    May 9th Moscato Day

    Moscato is the Italian name for Muscat Blanc
    We’re not sure who started this day, but it’s great to see that sweet white wines have at least one day represented in the year.

  • national-chardonnay-day
    May 21st Chardonnay Day

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    The earliest mention we could find about #ChardDay was in 2010 on May 21st! It was born with the idea of being on the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend by Rick Bakas: “Naturally, we needed something on the Thursday before LaborDay. So #CabernetDay was born that same year.”

  • national-rose-wine-day
    June 11th (or August 14th) Rosé Wine Day

    Regardless of which day you pick, the main rule about Rosé day is to drink it before Labor day.

  • albarino-day
    August 1st Albariño Day

    Albariño day was created to happen during the Albariño festival in the Galician town of Cambados in Spain. The Spanish love their festivals and so do we!

  • National White Wine Day

    August 4th White Wine Day

    National White Wine Day is celebrated every 4th of August, right around the height of summer, which might be the perfect time to enjoy something crisp and chilled anyhow!

  • national-pinot-noir-day
    August 18th Pinot Noir Day

    The International Pinot Noir Celebration occurs every year right at the end of August. Perhaps National Pinot Noir day is the official decompression party.

  • cabernetday
    September 3 Cabernet Day

    Rick Bakas, the NoCal native and twitter guru, came up with the idea of #CabernetDay back in 2010. It’s grown ever since and is on the Thursday before Labor day each year.

  • international-grenache-day
    September 15th Grenache Day

    The 3rd Friday in September is the official #GrenacheDay every year. The Grenache Association was created in France to bring awareness to this lovely variety and they plan to have a symposium and master class series every 3 years.

  • international-merlot-day
    November 7th Merlot Day

    We can’t find any mention of this day prior to 2011 and the person who seems convinced that it’s on November 7th is We don’t care whether or not it’s official, this often under-appreciated red wine totally deserves its own day.

  • tempranillo-day
    November 12th Tempranillo Day

    Tempranillo day was started by TAPAS or Tempranillo Advocates, Producers And Amigos who passionately push this dry climate Spanish variety.

  • <strong>November 12th</strong> Tempranillo Day
    November 15th Zinfandel Day

    National Zinfandel Day is advocated by ZAP (Zinfandel Advocates and Producers) who also hold a huge Zinfandel tasting in San Francisco every year. It changes from year to year, landing on the third Wednesday every November.

  • champagne-day
    December 31th Champagne Day

    By default, sparkling wine gets New Year’s Eve as its official appreciation day. FYI, you can drink any kind of sparkling wine, including Champagne.

Add Wine Days to Your Calendar

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What Official Wine Appreciation Days Are Missing?

If you’re a wine lover, no doubt you noticed that there are many unrepresented wines as well as many remaining open days (that could be wine drinking days!). What would you add, and why?

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