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Your Champagne Guide

Best Bottles for New Years Eve

Let’s dive into some Champagne basics to find a dreamy bottle of bubbly for this year’s finale.



Champagne by Other Names

Many non-Champagne sparklers employ the same winemaking method but use different grapes. They’re well worth exploring.


Prosecco wines are Italy’s most popular sparklers. While it’s often compared to Champagne, it’s made with a different set of grapes and a different winemaking method. Learn More.


Looking for creamy? This Italian region competes with top Champagne using Chardonnay and Pinot Noir–just like in France. Learn More.

Crement wine is a great sparkling wine made in the same way as Champagne


Francophile on a budget? Crémant de Loire enlists Chenin Blanc for citrus, pear, and honey notes. Learn More.

Cava is a great alternative to champagne


Love lean and dry? Look for Cava Gran Reserva. The vintage wines use a blend of Spanish grapes. Learn More.

Cap Classique

Rich and creamy South African sparkling wines often blend Chenin Blanc with Chardonnay. Learn More.

Wine Quiz

When is Liqueur de Tirage added, and what does it do?

  1. It’s added to stop the fermentation of fortified wines.
  2. It’s added to a still base wine to create a sparkling wine.
  3. It’s added to aromatized wines (vermouth) to stabilize it.
  4. It’s added to sparkling wine to sweeten it to its label level.


Scroll down for the answer!

Champagne Sweetness Levels Illustrated by Wine Folly

Find Your Sweetness Level

Here’s a friendly breakdown of those sweetness-label terms.

  • Extra-Brut and Brut Nature – Super lean, tart and dry. Lightest style and lowest calorie.
  • Brut – Still dry, but with more body. This level gets you into more bready and creamy styles.
  • Extra-Dry and Dry – Definitely fruity. This is your perfect match if you put a strawberry into your glass.
  • Demi-Sec – Sweetness in a glass

Get more details and exact numbers on Champagne sweetness levels. Learn More.

How to choose Champagne

Watch Wine Folly’s latest video on how to learn to choose the right Champagne for you with these 5 tips on a label. There are secrets right in front of your eyes.

Wine Quiz Answer

Answer is 2!

Liqueur de Tirage is a solution of still wine, sugar and yeast added to a base (still) wine to make it sparkling in the traditional sparkling winemaking method. Learn more about winemaking and get your certificate in Wine 201.

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