Basic Guide to White Wine

Do you love the basic white wines but want to try more?

This visual guide will help you see how different, lesser known varieties fit into the major styles of white wine and will help you determine what to try next! Since there’s so much to know about white wine, this is a great way to help visualize the basics. Salut!

White Wines List for Beginners

A White Wines List for Beginners

Light & Zesty

These wines are light bodied and dry, with a fresh clean taste.


These wines are typically light bodied with “green” and herbal aromas like grass, jalapeño, or bell pepper. These wines pair excellently with salads and herb-driven dishes!

Bold & Dry

These wines will blow the top of your head off with their intense flavor and a creamy-vanilla note brought about with oak aging.

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Light & Sweet

Often with just a touch of residual sugar (from the grapes), these wines are slightly sweet and very aromatic.

Bold & Sweet

These wines are very sweet and perfect for pairing with dessert and sometimes chocolate.

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